Part 4: What to do once you get there (the bonus part)

Building forward momentum!

A theme that has been throughout this book so far is that you will have to continue learning about UX. You don’t want to be on the peak of mt. stupid, you also want to be in the valley of despair, you want to always be moving forward. That nice uphill of always improving.As with any job there are definitely plenty of issues that come along the way, no matter what field or team you were on. You are dealing with people, and no one is perfect. Some of the issues that Vy goes over specifically are interpersonal issues, employers misunderstanding the fundamentals of UX, forgetting business calls, and personal management issues.

And you can never forget the soft skills that you need to always be working on, such as the ability to collaborate and work with a team, to be pragmatic, never forgetting to network, and to avoid burning out. Not that any of these are less important than the other but the section on persevering and avoid burnout is a fantastic section. Vy gives you diagnostic steps to be able to evaluate if the position you are in is pushing you to burn out and what you want to do about that. I have personally experienced burn out in many different types of jobs. Jobs that don’t value the work-life balance and which ultimately comes down to them not fully valuing employees or that is on the low totem pole of importance, it never gets bothered with.

“Find and define you burnout limits, then take away your efforts a notch down from there and continuously perform at that capacity.” -Vy Alechnavicius.

Do you enjoy learning new things or expanding your knowledge? I enjoy both! Thanks for reading my thoughts.

Originally published at on March 24, 2022.



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