Part 3.4: Practice UX & collect evidence along the way.

Get into UX by Vy Alechnavicius.

How do you get better at something? You practice!

To get better at UX design, you have to apply your skills. Okay, well on what? The beautiful thing is you can practice it on just about anything. Start having a critical eye in your day-to-day life, apply and if it’s something that makes you excited, then document it! Finding the right projects can be a difficult task. However, once you find something, make sure you document it with a purpose. This was my simplified take-away from this section.

Vy gives a very inspirational section dedicated to gaining commercial experience. The leap to getting commercial experience as a UX designer is difficult. However, you shouldn’t let requirements (such as years) stop you — you need to focus and be aware of what you can do now. But be truthful with yourself on what you can do now. [The preceding section was all about self-evaluating your skills. I highly recommend buying this book and working through his sections.] Demonstrating some commercial experience is huge, and what recruiters want to see. Just because you have a fancy diploma or certification does not mean you are a pro. As Vy puts it, your “UX Passport” is what proves you are a pro.

No matter what you do, a self-directed project, a freelance gig, commercial gig, or commercial work, you must document every single step. And always work on your portfolio, every single day. Vy stresses this a lot, but it makes sense. Your portfolio is what will make or break your job recruitment.

Do you agree? Have you thought about how vital a portfolio is?

Getting your portfolio in perfect order is no easy task. This is something I am always working on.

Originally published at on March 14, 2022.



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