Part 2: Where you’re going.

Get into UX by Vy Alechnavicius.

I appreciated Vy’s breakdown of a mature candidate vs a younger candidate and the positives that come from either side. I am in one of many UX groups and I see that age question asked a lot by people who are in their 30s or higher. And it’s definitely never too late, you more than likely have experience in other things that transfer over and even better personal skills.

And speaking as someone who did not get an official design degree, I really appreciated his breakdown of degrees that have some transfer over. I’m seeing the pattern with UX, which is being able to work with others and communicate. Not to gloss over or downplay all of the other skills, such as a basic understanding of UX, research skills, and much much more that are needed.

About seven months ago I would have told you that UX did not involve dealing with anyone, but I also knew absolutely nothing about UX. Boy was I wrong! But I am also glad I was wrong because all of my past work and even degree experience involved working and communicating with others (I.e., customer service in retail, beach lifeguarding, teaching, etc…). Which means I have even more skills that will transfer over and help tremendously.

In regards to UI, I am very interested in a job that’s specifically UI. Coming from a background working in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, the glossy and fresh parts gets my gears going. However, I always liked to know that I was helping design with clarity and a low learning curve in mind. That doesn’t mean I am a UX designer, but it means I have the right user-centric thinking in mind.

Originally published at on March 7, 2022.



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