3.6: Get the job

Get Into UX by Vy Alechnavicius

The two other blockers that Vy breaks down in this section are “feeling like an imposter” and the “yay/nay-sayers.”

“If you feel like an imposter, it’s probably because you are one. That’s not a bad thing!”

Vy Alechnavicius

First off, that damn imposter syndrome. You are feeling it because you are growing! Taking on challenges, learning new things, and having that growth mindset are all good things. As an avid imposter syndrome feeling person, these words really resonated with me. One day you will become less of an imposter in one particular area, but then more than likely you will lean forward to something new. That something new will more than likely mean that pesky imposter syndrome feeling will return. Kindly recognize it and keep your eyes on that 5-meter target (as my husband would say).

As with many things in life, there will always be the yay-sayer’s, the naysayers, and the people who can do both while also being inspiring and honest to you.

The rest of this chapter is filled with fantastic information with job tips for junior designers, interviewing tips, questions to ask, and how to perform your very best. Head into each potential new job search with clearly defined criteria. Sit down and assess each opportunity, of course you can’t be too critical, but you need to have your eyes open.

Do you have a good or bad interview experience? I definitely have had both. Interviews are two-way interactions. Sometimes that’s easy to forget.

Vy goes over a list with several different categories of questions to ask the interviewer. The question categories are roles specific, UX specific, position specific, and business and organization specific. Prepping questions shows your interest and engagement. You should hopefully know who is interviewing you so can curtail the questions.

Originally published at http://blklightningcreative.com on March 22, 2022.



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